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VIC SA TAS WA ACT QLD: Elis Ultra Guard Overnight Napkins 40cm 12PK  (In Stock)


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Elis Ultra Guard Overnight Sanitary Pad -10 Hours Protection !!
This range has the most absorbent night pads in AU & NZ, can also be used for maternity pads.
A lot of ladies in the world have come across bad sleeps due to heavy bleeding at night during their menstruations. There are some factors which can cause bad sleeping quality. Poor protection of nighttime sanitary pad is one of them. Some ladies need to wake up 1-3 times every night to get their pads changed, the following day they feel tired at work or at school.
Japanese ladies had to face exactly the same problems as well until 2004, but things were much improved after the super big night pads were introduced in the beginning of 2004 in Japan. Elis is one of the brands which firstly introduced these super pads in Japan, its super pad range is called Elis Ultra Guard.
Elis Ultra Guard Nighttime Sanitary Pads are made by Daio Paper Corporation in Japan, the same manufacturer of Goo.n baby nappies. Elis Ultra Guard pads are now available in Auckland in 3 sizes, 33cm, 36cm and 40cm. If your menstrual bleeding is heavy, you can opt for the 33cm long pad, otherwise you should choose the 36cm or 40cm long pad.
Elis Ultra Guard range pads are not only super long and wide, they also have some unique features, like Body Fitting 3D Absorbent Core and Arcade-Shaped Side Leakage Guards etc. These features will protect you from every possible angle.
Price is for 1 pack of 12 pads.
The packaging of real product may be different from the image.
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